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We are looking for writers to propose up-to-date content, mainly focused on data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation.

To become a writer, please send your article here: [email protected]. If you want us to publish your post on a specific date, please let us know before submission.

Article Guidelines:

  • Provide a title options
  • Length

    • 400-800 words
  • Links

    • Max 2 outbound sponsor-related links
    • 1 or 2 additional can be for authoritative sites
    • Try to have an internal link to another newsxplorist.com article
  • Good SEO Qualities

    • High readability scores
    • Organized with multiple sub-headings/paragraphs
    • Shorter sentences (less than 20 words)
    • Transition word or phrase between sentences
    • Avoid passive voice sentences
    • Have an article Keyword in mind:
      • Keyword should be a word or phrase used in the first paragraph.
      • It should be used 3 or more times throughout the article.
      • It should NOT be used as the anchor text of an article link.

Embedded images and videos are welcome.

What type of articles do we accept?

  • News stories (Latest Technology, Current Updates, News, SEO, Education based initiatives that improve technology information, and other technology related related issues)
  • List articles
  • Investigative pieces
  • Note: we only accept original articles and do not cross-post content.