Sales Force Automation Software to Help Managing Workforce with a Click


Sales force automation (SFA) software is a programming that streamlines the distribution, analysis, and collection of data in a sales pipeline. This software helps the company in standardizing the sales activities and processes, managing account information, order & invoices, customer database, and tracking the system on a real-time basis. Furthermore, this software can be used for opportunity management, lead management, contact management, sales forecasting, relationship management, and analytics. It helps in displaying a detailed outline of how well a company’s sales team is performing in regards to areas such as products, services, and leads.

Sales force automation software is best used for collating numerous sales records quickly and can effortlessly analyze metrics consisting of win-loss ratio, conversion rates, and lead time. It can be used to quickly track the cycles of sales, which will, in a way, help the company to complete their goals easily. HubSpot Sales is one of the best rated applications that is preferred for sales force automation software. The primary objective of any SFA software is to collect the precise data of the people and reduce the tasks required for administration for the sales representatives and their management. SPA software can be used by managers to monitor the employees in the sales department and analyze their productivity and activity. This data can be very helpful in order to enhance the efficiency of the company and chalk out sales forecast and marketing plans.

The essential part of the customer relationship management (CRM) software solution comprises of sales force automation. This software is used in order to provide structure, automation, and visibility to the vital selling process. This process could comprise of opportunity management, order processing, account management, sales activity management, and contact management. However, for a small-scale enterprise or business organization, choosing the best sales force automation tools can be a bit challenging task. This task may require the enterprise to take many different aspects of the buyer’s guide in to the consideration. This can be accomplished by targeting the businesses depending of the features the organization needs. The features can be categorized as follows:

  • Channel those sellers that sell through the medium of channel partners.
  • Direct those sellers that sell through the medium of tele-sales teams and direct field reps.
  • Small businesses that are looking to upgrade beyond storing contact and interaction details in shared spreadsheets and email inboxes.
  • Enterprise buyers that sell through both direct sales and channel partners.

The buyers of enterprise and channel require special features to monitor and send the leads across various units within the company. They would require the SFA software to be integrated with various other platforms such as payroll, accounting, email integration, etc. This kind of integration can also be done by the small-scale businesses and direct sellers. There are variety of sales force automation software available in the market such as:

  1. Skyward CRM

It is a sales force automation platform that is popularly used for designing mid-sized and small businesses. It can be deployed on both the premises and can be further used as a SaaS solution.

  1. Handshake

It is a tool that manages wholesale sales order. It enables the teams to receive and write the orders on their customer handles and mobile devices. It is further used for streamlining the order fulfilment process.

  1. Salesboom CRM

It is a cloud-based sales force automation tool. This tool is used to satisfy the needs of CRM of large, medium, and small businesses.

  1. LiveHive

This a platform that accelerates the promotional growth, boosts the customer engagement, and improves the sales by deep analysis and automated sharing capabilities.

The industry is filled with variety of sales force automation software tools that caters to their different needs. Some of those tools performs the summarization of the leads while others are sturdier and can be used for generating sales insight and enabling multichannel sales. Some of the sales force automation system can also be used for tracking the entire sales cycles and do some custom branding. The system can be further categorized on the basis of type of deployment:

  • Cloud Hosted SFA systems

This type of systems offers free basic plans that qualify as the most affordable. This is because they enable universal access for the operators and the client does not need to upgrade them or pay extra for the maintenance.

  • On premise SFA systems

The on-premise systems cover the single licensed software and offers a platform for the client to host on local servers. These systems are the most expensive as they require complex setup and some hardware installations on different occasions.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) SAF systems

These systems are cost effective and can be paid per month for hosting on the vendor’s server. The process of maintenance, updating, and installation does not need to be taken care of by the business owner.

Several enterprises and corporation have invested in sales force automation software as its benefits far exceed its drawbacks. According to a report, the global sales force automation software market would garner $7.78 billion by 2023. The market of sales force automation software has great potential and will increase at a steady pace as new technologies and innovative products are introduced in this market.